IBPW Mentoring Program With Neerja Raman

Objective: To provide mentoring to women in the areas of career and business enhancement.

Are you thinking of making a career change? Do you feel you have a lot to offer but for some reason others just don't get it? Are you able to juggle the demands on your time or are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you stuck in your career? Have you hit the glass ceiling?

These are some of the reasons for considering the newly developed IBPW mentoring program. Neerja Raman, former Director of research at Hewlett Packard Labs, a Hall of Fame honoree (Women In Technology International) and author of “The Practice and Philosophy of Decision Making: A Seven Step Spiritual Guide” (recognition at authors expo “Books That Empower Women) is the IBPW resident mentor. Neerja's experience spans universities, startups and large corporations.

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What is the program?

Coaching is available for all levels - from entry to executive.

You may choose a one on one mentoring format or group mentoring if you have a group that has similar mentoring needs.

You may discuss specific career and business related issues or get general guidance. The objective is for the protégé to go away with recommendations and/or a plan of action from the meeting.

Examples of the kinds of things that would be appropriate for a mentor session are:

  • Resume critique/development
  • Negotiating skills e.g. how to ask for that raise or promotion?
  • Interviewing skills
  • Speaking skills – issues for women especially
  • Prioritizing and time management skills
  • Decision making skills

A mentoring session is only as useful as the thought you put into what you need from the session. Hence focus is important. Focus entails articulating a specific objective, timely scheduling, a development activity. So choose a goal and activity that lends itself to the IBPW format. The following Mentee form is meant to assist you in achieving this focus and in helping our mentor understand how best to approach your specific development area.

Mentee formsubmit by email

Educational Background:
Professional Background:
Tentative Career objective:
Area in which assistance needed:
Goals for development activity:
Date when needed:

How Do I sign up?

This program is only available to members of Indian Business & Professional Women organization.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks scheduling time.

Each mentoring session will be one hour long.

The fee for each session is $50 - 100. (Sliding scale for entry to executive)

The protégé will mail the check to IBPW before their appointment with the mentor.